About Us

By providing a reliable and secure web platform, custom designs, and friendly service, we strive to offer the best solutions for you, the community and the environment.

We not only value our customers, we share their ideals. Helping others make the world a better place is why we get up every day.

We call it "organically grown" web sites.

Sustainable – Personal

LiliO Design is built on the philosophy that every business should take active part in finding better and more sustainable solutions. We don't do it because it's fashionable, we do it because we feel a responsibility to do so.

When we work with you, it is a personal engagement:

  • We like your project
  • We share your ideals and can identify with it on a personal level
  • Your project benefits a local community, the world at large or the environment

Our work strives to be:

  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Ethically and morally compatible
  • Quality centered
  • Customer centered

Working with money responsibly

Web Design and consulting is what we love to do. We always have. When we started our business in 2000, our intention was to offer the best design and hosting solutions for our customers.

Over the years we have grown to offer these services worldwide, but our motive has not changed. We are very conscious that our profits arise because we are meeting the needs of our customers. Therefore, we feel responsible to manage our limited profits wisely and re-invest a majority of it into our hosting and design infrastructure.

Jesse D. Osmer

After attending High School in New Hampshire, Jesse moved to Pensylvania to attend Lehigh University. In 1995 he moved to Oregon and worked at the Computer Store in Business Sales. In 2000, he founded LiliO Design to provide full service web design and hosting. He has been doing this ever since.

Mathias Bolt Lesniak

After High School he studied Computer Science. Afterwards, he did a one-year study at the Goetheanum in Switzerland on the relationship between computers and the human being. Mathias started the Norwegian branch of LiliO Design in 2002.

Ron Liskey

Ron began developing Internet solutions in the late '90s, when he led the development of Microprocessor Report Online, one of the first successful online subscription sites. Ron holds degrees in Graphic Design and History, and has also studied computer programming and business management. He holds a Waldorf Teaching Certificate and a California Teaching Credential. Ron started the California branch of LiliO Design in 2011.

Stefan Eklund

Stefan is originally from the Åland Islands in the Baltic Sea, and studied fine arts before moving to Norway. He has worked with economics and IT, ecology and politics, and studied administration and economics, specializing in self-management and creativity. He started with web design in year 2000. Currently living in Oslo, he is starting LiliO's Swedish office.