FELO – The Norwegian Association 
For Electrosensitives
Sensitive to electromagnetic radiation?
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We value a close relationship with you throughout the design process. You help us to understand your organization - we can find a design that brings out your core philosophy and that appeals to your audience.

Everything from small to large web sites - We create, re-design and update websites for businesses, organizations, schools and families or individuals.

Developing special functionality

With extensive experience in developing server-based software in PHP, JavaScript, SQL, etc., we can find simple solutions to complex problems. Need a membership database, a form system or a large image database, we can help you: We've done it before and can do it again.

We use TYPO3 - an easily installed, flexible and sophisticated open source content management system (CMS) that takes care of both you and the design. TYPO3 works well for both small to large websites. Users can edit every part of the site depending on their access rights. 

TYPO3 is used by some of the largest companies in Germany and almost had a monopoly in some industries there. TYPO3 has won several awards in competition with other expensive, proprietary systems. With an open GPL license, TYPO3 gives you all the features and ease of use you need but avoids the cost of commercial systems.

We support the open development of TYPO3 through membership in the TYPO3 Association .

Associative Economics

www.associative-economics.com – Associative economics is a paradigm shift in economic thinking and places human beings at the centre of all economic processes. The website provides introductory information on the subject, event listings, news, Associate! monthly newsletter, publications, and the Colours of Money Seminar. A secure AE Briefings section is available to yearly subscribers.

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Biodynamic Association

www.biodynamic.org.uk – The Biodynamic Agriculture Association is the UK association for organic and biodynamic agriculture. The organization disseminates information on biodynamic agriculture and manages the Demeter certification mark.

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FELO – An Association for Electrosensitives

www.felo.no – The Norwegian Association for Electrosensitives protects the rights of individuals with symptoms or health problems as a result of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. The web site presents the organization and related new together with advise and in-depth information to electrosensitives and their families.

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Portland Waldorf School

www.portlandwaldorf.org – A re-design to provide a more aesthetically pleasing look and more user friendly navigation structure. This site features a calendar and news blog, email subscription to weekly updates, secure donation page, rss blog feed and rotating quotes.

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Our Customers

Center for Anthroposophy

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Christiaan Stuten

Filming, Editing, DVD Production, Book Design and layout.

Anthroposophical Society USA

TYPO3 • Web Design (2008)

Torch Lake Cabins

TYPO3 • Web Design (2010)

Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm

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Kunst Raum Rhein

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Larica Metal Rosin

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