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LiliO provides high-quality digital and print design, development, training and support.

Flexible services

Graphic design

  • Optimized for your organization
  • Flexible and fast
  • Mobile and responsive
  • Integrated with marketing campaigns

Software development

  • Rapid application development
  • Internet applications
  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Complex document management
  • GNU GPL and open source

Content management systems

  • Simple or complex websites
  • Mobile and responsive
  • WordPress, Drupal, TYPO3, Neos
  • E-commerce
  • SEO and social networking
  • User support and training
  • No licensing fees or hidden costs

System management

  • High-performance servers
  • Custom configurations
  • Secure infrastructures
  • Robust backups
  • Dedicated support


  • Developing professional websites since 1995.
  • Hundreds of sites built using Drupal, TYPO3, WordPress, Joomla, Neos, Magento, civiCRM, and more.
  • *NIX, OS X, Windows, PHP, Typoscript, SQL, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js

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We are about to bring you better support, better web sites and even more engaged and knowledgeable people. We are excited about what you do. With our combined expertise and experience from clients around the world, we will give your website more opportunities than ever.

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Applying these seven simple steps helps ensure the success of your email campaigns.

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In the TYPO3 CMS, "Shortcuts" are alias' that point to other content listed in the Page Tree. Shortcuts can be set to display in menus, but they do not contain actual content. Instead, they redirect to another page. They can also be used to create short-hand URLs to pages deep in your page tree.

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