LiliO's services have been designed to meet complex needs in a fast moving world, yet retain the personal service, quality and care of our long-term commitment.

Content management

Content Management

The best way to manage complex content online is with an open source content management system (CMS). Proprietary alternatives often include exorbitant licensing fees and hidden costs.

We can choose the system that best meets your needs. We are expert developers in Wordpress, Drupal, civiCRM, TYPO3.

Servers, domains, analysis and optimization is also available from LiliO.

Graphic design and usability

Graphic Design
and Usability

Without effective ease-of-use and a clear message, there is no winning formula to a stunning design. We will find the perfect match—presenting the uniqueness of your organization in an interface that helps users find what they need.

When working with external graphic designers, we ensure the existing creative expression is not lost in the conversion to online media.

System Management

System Management

As your long term technical partner, we tailor our services to your needs. We manage your site proactively. When we see a problem, we fix it.

Our clients trust us to find the technical solutions that best serve their needs. When we create a solution, we're here to maintain and improve it for the years to come.

System management services can include:

  • High-quality hosting
  • Realtime intrusion and performance monitoring
  • Social networking and SEO management
  • Customized user training and support
Online Applications

Online Software

The web browser is a powerful and affordable platform. Online applications are increasingly replacing their desktop counterparts.

Through the use of JavaScript and HTML5, we build web-based software for a wide variety of computer platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and Linux. We understand the unique challenges of web applications, and can handle the entire process from design and development to documentation, training, and support.

Hosting, support and maintenance

Stay productive and keep your content management software secure and up to date. Even our smallest management package includes:

  • 10GB server space
  • Free support for Drupal, TYPO3, Wordpress and CiviCRM
  • CMS upgrades

Starting at $31.66/month (annual payment)

Shared, virtual and dedicated serveres

Our server infrastructure is hosted by leading providers distributed across multiple continents.

  • Linux-based and open source.
  • Backups daily, weekly and monthly
  • RAID 1 (immediate storage on multiple hard drives)
  • Locations in England (London) and USA (Orlando, Florida)
  • Network with more than 20gbps total capacity and multiple independent connections

Partner services

The following organizations have partnered with LiliO to bring you additional services.